Feeder M1


Fig. 1. One-line diagram of feeder M1.

Feeder M1 is a 12.47-kV, relatively short and compact (~13 circuit miles total) feeder with approximately 1500 customers. This feeder is primarily residential and underground. The peak load is 5.5 MW and the feeder reactive compensation is provided by three 3φ 1200-kvar capacitor banks.

The secondaries are modeled in more detail in this feeder based on utility instructions. One of the most unique aspects of this feeder is the way that the capacitors are controlled. Using radio control, the three capacitors are controlled to maintain a set power factor on the low-voltage side of the substation transformer.

Several years ago, this power factor was 0.98 leading, but based on the results of studies, the setpoint was changed such that the kvar target was near 0. This is how the capacitors are modeled in the files posted on this site. The capacitor furthest from the sub comes on first followed by the closer ones. The switching out of capacitors reverses that order.

Sample Results

Fig. 2. Sample results for feeder M1. Solid lines indicate primary voltage while dashed lines indicate service drop voltages.